Day 3 & 4! :)

Yesterday we had a summit dialogue with Ms Tan Ching Yee, I found it interesting to hear about the healthcare systems in Singapore, they’re very different to those in England, it was interesting to hear about the different approaches countries take. She was much less opinionated than the previous speaker though which made for a very different feeling dialogue. After that I went on the bus to the Economic Development Board, the view from the 38th floor was spectacular, I took lots of pictures, the talk about how they are developing Singapore economically was to an acquired taste but I found the bit about satellite research interesting. After that we went to the GIC, I found this extremely boring as investments aren’t really my thing but the other delegates asked some interesting questions which even the speaker seemed shocked by. Our cultural performance rehearsal went well in the evening; I’m really looking forward to performing it now even though I was skeptical about reeling at first.  To end the day we had the river cruise which was lovely, the view of Singapore from the water was very scenic J

Today we went straight to the Land transport authority, I really enjoyed hearing about all the incentives the LTA are putting into their transport system to encourage the Singaporeans to use more public transport. On the first day we went on the buses and after actually seeing what sort of features they had it was exciting to hear about why they were designed in that manner. We also got a tour of the transport museum to see transport change through time which was really cool, the whole museum was really fancy, all the walls opened up to let you through into the next room so yeah I really enjoyed that part. Finally we visited NEWater, the trip has consisted of a lot of coach journeys though we’ve now come up with ways to entertain ourselves with yesterday’s activities consisting of every country singing their natural anthem and today’s consisting of would you rather’s and singing. NEWater was really fun, there were a lot of interactive activites and our tour guide was really good, she explained all about how the water is obtained and purified in various stages from four different sources – one being sewage. Most of us were put off the free water at the end due to this fact; I tried it and let’s just say the taste was very… different. I’m very glad we have a plentiful supply of rainwater in England, finally something the bad weather is good for! 😉

Charlie xxxx

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