APYLS – Day 3 & 4

During the past two days, I must admit it, there have been highs, there have been lows. On the third day, I could tell that everyone was starting to tire after going through the first two days of such a hectic schedule. Of course, for me, all turned out well after a good wash on the face. The esplanade tour had turned out to be quite an interesting activity, despite the numerous times that I have visited the esplanade, I’ve never taken a close look on the whole building structure. We were all looking out at the hired cleaners hanging at the top of the spikes, fascinated at what they were doing but at the same time feeling concern for them too. Come to think of it, this is really a tough job to do, working in dangerous conditions all year, spraying and wiping under the hot sun all day, that’s not something I would dare/want to do. So, we should really appreciate the work of these men, and next time, if I see them around, I would definitely go up and say thank you to them. Of course, the esplanade tour isn’t just about the spikes, the esplanade itself is also a facility which contains world-class concert halls and theaters where many popular artistes world-wide arrive here to perform. I haven’t been to one before, and we were also unable to enter due to the rehearsals, which was a little let-down, but I already felt satisfied with the thoughtful explanation given by the guide and the interesting and humorous stories he shared with us.
The GIC visit was just like any other standard dialogue or sharing session, but the highlight part comes with the river cruise followed right after that. Everyone exclaimed that the view was magnificent, and excitement flowed over especially when the boat approached the merlion, and everyone could be seen frantically positioning themselves just to have a good shot with our national monument. I would say that the only down point would be the weather, I was perspiring real hard when we got out of the boat, but its nice for me to relive the memories of Singapore’s past once again and also appreciate Singapore’s present state. Now, I know its a must to bring my overseas relatives and friends for the cruise next time.
On the fourth day, we started off with the visit to the LTA. I was quite looking forward to this visit, well mostly because the MRT I take back from school everyday is always filled, or what we call in Singapore, packed like sardines. Well, I’m quite familiar with all the sharing and discussions done, I live in Singapore after all, but during the gallery walk, it’s also a first time for me learning the history of Singapore’s roads… I also got a chance to step into the newest model of Singapore’s MRT train, too bad it’s not functioning underground yet.
After that was the PUB visit, which was basically learning more about NEwater. This was probably the third time I was going for the tour, but of course it still serves a very important purpose of reminding about the importance of water to Singapore, so as to cherish and conserve the water supply that we have now. The explanation of formation of NEwater was new for most, and everyone had a great time playing the game inside the ‘arcade’, although it was too bad I didn’t manage to try it out. Of course, now it’s time to look forward to the night safari later and eventually conclude day 4!

Kai Zhe (Singapore)
Chung Cheng High School (Main)

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