Another day in life

Fasting is not that tiring for this 2 days as the activities were very relaxing. Learned a lot from the dialogue and Esplanade tour though I slept halfway through ((kidding)). Ms Tan Ching Yee explained in detail about the health insurance and I learn how the Singapore government invest their excess reserves from GIC. In the evening, the delegates had the chance to ride the river cruise and enjoy the wonderful scenery of Singapore’s skyscrapers and exotic buildings such as Marina Bay Sands.

The next day we went to the Land Transport Authority. The traffic system in my country is not that good and the LTA talks give me some ideas on how to solve problems like congested traffics. After that we went to the Public Authorities Board. I was quite excited because before this I was only able to see it in the television. The technology Singapore use to recycle water amazes me. I think Malaysia needs this kind of technology because one day we will run out of water supply. And tonight we are going to the Night Safari, woohooooo!

Azlan Hassan
The Malay College Kuala Kangsar

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