A River Cruise To Remember and Discovering NEWater !

Day 3For this day,it kicked off with a Summit Dialogue with Ms Tan Ching Yee.She presented to us about Finance in The Health Department.It was quite interesting and productive as we get to know about how to manage money and funds involving healthcare.Overall,I think that Ms Tan is a very nice and positive person.From my point of view,she answered all the questions from us really well.

The next activity is the visit to GIC.From this trip,I gain some new knowledge about the investment world and get to know that how GIC plays a major role for the Government Of Singapore as the organisation manages the country’s reserves.To be honest,I didn’t quite understand the whole presentation and find it not to my cup of tea as I don’t know much about Finance and Economics.But for me,I learned something that there is always time and space from more learning and self-improvement.

The highlight of the day is of course The Fun and Exciting River Cruise.Throughout this cruise,besides having so much fun with each other,I also managed to capture some photos of the landmarks here around Singapore that includes The Merlion,The Singapore Flyers and not to forget the unique structured Esplanade.Along the river cruise,my fellow Malaysian namely Steven learned the French Language from us.He is a very fast learner indeed because even though the cruise is short,he managed to count from 1-10 in French !!!

In a nutshell,even though I am not into Finance and Economics,I learned my lesson today which is that we as young leaders who are still in the process of learning,have to bounce back from our mistakes and make space for anything new in life. 🙂

Day 4

Today started with bad luck for me as I was trapped outside of Hall E for like 2 times!!! It was really cold when I woke up as early as 5 o’clock in the morning.Not having the ability to withstand the coldness of the early hours of the day,I decided to go outside to get some fresh air.But unluckily,I forgot to bring my access card along with me.It was really a hard time for me but all of that ended when the security guard helped me to get back in to the hall.It was really hilarious when I found myself again locked out of the hall but this time I wanted to do some laundry but it did not took long as a fascilitator opened the door minutes after.It was a not an easy moment yet funny one as the second incident happened just moments from the first one !

Moving on to the activities of the day,we,delegates first visited the Land Transport Authority which I find very interesting.I love the presentation given by Mr Choi as we can understand and witness the incredible public transport system of Singapore.But the highlight of this trip to LTA would probably be the tour.It has some of these cool and awesome features where there is a simulation of a train opening its doors that leads us to the next part of our tour.I would personally say that this is one of the greatest yet exciting tours that i had ever been involved with.

Finally,we had a tour at The PUB where we found out about NEWater which is an alternative way of Singapore to recycle water from the sewers.I finally got to know everything about NEWater as I was familiar with it when I learned about it in Geography subject last year.We had lots of fun as we played games and managed to brighten up our day by taking a few snaps around the visitor’s centre.

To wrap all of this up, I gained a lot of new experience and knowledge which I hope to share and apply it back at my home country when this summit ends.I also get to foster new relationships and tighten the bonds with whom who are already my buddies.

Noor Aqmar Syaqir Bin Noor Azman,
The Malay College Kuala Kangsar,

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