4th day, National Development

I mean really, I can’t believe that today is already 4th day of APYLS!!

Today’s theme was “National Development,” so we went to Land Transport

Authority and Public Utilities Board. At Land Transport Authority, we learned

that Singapore is working hard to make transportation system effective and efficient.

Due to its hard work, Singapore is developing as a country where it has less

traffic or trouble. These days, population and car users are increasing, so

Singapore and also other countries need better transportation system.

That is why place like Land Transport Authority is important.

In Seoul, Korea, it also has good transportation system, which are

developing more and more by expanding a route for subways.

I was impressed how land Transport Authority was

designed to explain to people the importance of their work.

Next, we visited PUB. I learned how Singapore is getting water. Singapore is now

working hard to produce NEWater by purifying many times. It was a new experience

of tasting NEWater for the first time. Since water is so important to us, I also

got a time to think about that students like us have to develop and create more

system to produce clean water. In my world history class last year, I heard

that works that deals with water is becoming more important. So, PUB is one of great

examples of works that I mentioned.

By seeing all these, I learned more about Singapore.

Seung Hyo Ki, Bugil Academy, South Korea

Seung Hyo Ki


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