4 Days and Counting

So, it’s been another two days and well…I still feel like I’m doing things and engaging in discussions that I would never even have imagined I would be given the opportunity to participate in. It’s been absolutely packed!! Yesterday, we were given a talk on the state of health in Singapore by Ms. Tan Ching Yee and taught about Singapore’s investments by GIC. From the summit dialogue I was able to pick up that it is absolutely essential for each country to have a balance of affordability, accessibility, sustainability and quality to have an efficient healthcare system. I was also given an insight into the workings of other countries’ healthcare systems from the questions raised by my fellow delegates and friends. Yet, the highlight was the exclusive tour given to us at EDB with its innovative periodic table and hanging, country emblazoned metal cans…and the fact that the donuts were to die for didn’t hurt either!!!  And of course, not to forget all the hilarious moments we had while practicing for our cultural night- those three hours flew by just like three minutes!!

Today was just….well, wow (also tiring)!! We were taken to the Land Transport Authority in the morning and the level of planning and advancement has left me astounded and has made me wonder whether India can replicate such growth any time soon. India does not, at present, have an efficient Public transport system and it is imperative that we learn the art of systemic planning in order to reduce congestion on the roads and reduce the level of pollutions as well. For this, infrastructure is necessary and more than that a dedication is needed to create a public friendly system. Apart from this, the visit to Public Utilities Board was one full of mixed emotions- excitement at the prospect of understanding how sewage could be made into purified water and hesitation over trying the water (it was initially sewage after all :P). I can only comment that the water tastes good…and that’s a relief!! All jokes aside, it’s an extremely innovative concept and one that reduces any wastage and in fact, reduces the pressure upon the Governments that have to buy water from other countries. NeWater is a concept that should be looked upon with great attention by India to able to meet the demands of its growing population by neither compromising on quality nor on accessibility. Another important take away is that the Government in Singapore bears a great deal of the cost and invests to reap long term results. Governments all over the world need to adopt this practice in order to progress in the long run.

Yet, the thing about today that has made me so happy is that I have actually made friends today that I probably haven’t till now…I spoke to new people and had fun with them! We watched videos (Pentatonix, Jon Cozart), sang songs, played the water game and basically laughed a lot! The bus as a whole sang ‘I can count on you’ and it was like everyone meant it and that was just special! So, you know what? At the end of the day I can say with everything I have that I had fun today in every which way but along the way I learnt a lot as well….and that’s what counts, right? 🙂

– Sanskriti Sanghi
Vasant Valley School (India)

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