Journal Entry-Day 2-Girish Raguvir.J

I didn’t get much sleep the previous night too.So I was totally down when I woke up at 5 in the morning,today.However I cheered myself up by reminding myself about the opening ceremony and cultural exhibition we had that day.So I soon got myself suited up and headed for the dining hall,from where we were taken to opening ceremony.The opening ceremony was really amazing.We got to know more about the programme and we also got a chance to speak to Mrs.Fu.
We were then taken around the school.They showed around the various parts of the schools.I was really amazed at their facilities.We were shown around their labs,arts room etc.We were then taken to place where the cultural exhibition was held.

We got sometime to arrange our exhibits and change into our traditional costumes.It was great success and was really amazing.We too found sometime to go around and look at the other exhibits.All the exhibits were well organised and we got to know and taste a lot of things!

We then had the city tour.We got to see a lot of places.We were taken around the China Town,Malay village and Little India.It was a wonderful experience.I also managed to get a few things to take back to India.

I was very tired.But we still had one more event for the day.It was the practice for the “Cultural Performance”.Every one of us had many ideas for the performance and we were all excited.It did turn out to be hilarious and we didn’t do much.But it was a lot of fun.All you guys are definitely gonna enjoy it!.So looking forward to it!


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