Journal Entry-Day 1-Girish Raguvir.J

I,along with Arjun & Shreyas, got to Singapore at around 4.30 in the morning.Since it was a late night flight I wasn’t able to get enough sleep and I was kind of feeling uneasy .However the moment we landed here we immediately had people from the Hwa Chong institute inquiring about our needs.and this made me really comfortable with the entirely new scenario I was in. Pratyay(our facilitator) was nice!.Though he wasn’t available for the rest of the day the other facilitators were there to help us out.The Hwa Chong,in itself, was a great surprise too.I did expect a big school but not this ‘HUGE’!.I was also really amazed at the huge number of facilities they had.They have an amazing team of facilitators as well!.All of them were very nice and helpful.

So,on the first day nothing much,with respect to HCAPYLS,happened.We were given our time to take rest and go out somewhere if we want.So we decided to go to Sentosa. However ,since we were new to Singapore,we weren’t sure about how to go.It was Cheryl,one of the facilitators who helped us out.It was really nice of her to accompany us all the way to Sentosa!.We had great time there and returned back at around 5.30 pm to change and report for the mass interaction and briefing sessions.Both the sessions were amazing.It was really an amazing idea to have these innovative games for us to get to know each other!.I really enjoyed them.

So,that was it for the day!


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