The most valuable experience

On day 1, I couldnt sleep well, but today I could, so it was a great morning.
First, we did the Summit Dialogue. It was pretty difficult to catch up with everyone, and I was suprised that many people asked various kinds of questions!!I hope I can speak in the next Summit Dialogue.
Then, we visited the supreme court. I haven’t ever been to a court even in my own country, so it was a great experience to go there. I’ve learned the Japanese court system in are school, and I found many differences of the system between the two countries.
After that, we went to the Estana, the biggest event for today! I was really looking forward to meeting the president, because it was my first time to see such a superior person. I was a little nervous before meeting him, but he talked very gentely and soft, so I was relaxed when talking with him. The foods there were super delicious,too!
After I write this journal, we are going to have the Student’s Dialog. I hope I can understand the topics of the discussion, and I can talk about the issues with everybody.

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