Day 2 of the summit started with a nice lie-in (until 6:30, wooo!), which was refreshing for everyone…

We then attended our first Summit Dialogue which proved to insightful, creating debate and discussion and challenging the views of every delegate in the room. US delegates were keen to defend their image on the global stage, but we heard interesting and thoughtful contributions from across the world. In fact people were queuing to use the microphone!

Afterwards we headed off to the Supreme Court, the home of Singapore’s judiciary. The new building features glass, which represents the transparency of justice, as well as a “spaceship” on the roof – which turned out to be the Appeals Court in the dome, with excellent views over the city. The Court also provided an educational experience as we visited a real courtroom, tried on judges’ robes and locked ourselves in a mock jail cell.

Following lunch and a short break, we dressed up in our finery, left every single item in our rooms and departed for the Istana, where we would be having tea with His Excellency himself, Dr Tony Tan, the President of Singapore. The building was beautiful and meeting the President was an honour, especially as delegates had a chance to speak to the man himself and ask him questions. We from Britain speculated about names for the newest addition to the Royal family: George, James or Alexander? Or perhaps Gavin…

We’re looking forward to our first Student Dialogue this evening, on the theme of “Realising our Universal Ideals” 🙂

Love, Duckie and Marf 🙂
(Susannah and Martha from the UK!)

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