Tan Chuan Xin: Journal Entry

Day 0: Mass interaction

Today is the first day that I met the rest of the participants. The mass interaction session was a good opportunity for me to get to know the names of the other delegates from the twelve different countries. During the mass interaction session, I got to witness the active participation of the other delegates, particularly those from the western countries. They were very spontaneous and willing to participate, and very active as well. From the mass interaction session, I realized that everyone was very open to making new friends and very participative.

Day 1: Cultural exhibition

Today was a very interesting day for me. The different delegates from different countries got together to set up a cultural booth that showcased the uniqueness of each country. For Singapore, we set up a booth with a poster explaining Singlish, a map of Singapore with the main tourist attractions marked out, as well as food for sampling, like Mua Chee and Onei Onei. However, the visitors to our booth were primarily the delegates, as the JC students already knew all that we had to offer.

The booths by the other delegates were truly an eye opener. It was interesting to see the cultures of the different countries showcased around us. The Japanese delegates wore their traditional costumes, as did the Omanis and the Koreans. The Philippines laid out quite a number of their traditional snacks and sweets, as did the Indian delegates.

Overall, the cultural exhibition was a great learning experience for me as there was no way in which I can visit all these countries in the near future, or maybe in my lifetime. It was a great opportunity to understand more about the other cultures in the world, particularly the Omani, of which I had very little knowledge about. It was also a great sharing experience by the delegates, as we could hear first-hand about the country from those who have lived there their whole lives. This definitely fits the theme of this years’ summit, “global inclusion”, where the delegates tried their best to include us into their own unique culture that belongs to them.

Day 2: Summit dialogue 1

Bilahari kausikan The first summit dialogue of the AP YLS was held today. Insulting Americans

Today is the first summit dialogue, with the guest speaker being Mr Bilahari Kausikan, Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary emeritus. From his mannerism and way of speech, as well his choice of words, I could tell that he was a learned man, as well as very experienced. However, as he answered the questions that the delegates posed, it appeared as if he had a negative opinion of some countries. Personally, I do not subscribe to his beliefs, and do not agree with the way he puts some of his points across.

Through the question and answer session, global warming, and the search for a solution to it was a recurring topic. This is a prime example of the global community having to share responsibilities to resolve a problem that is larger than any country. TBC

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