Student Dialogue, Supreme Court, Istana……

Tired. That was the overwhelming feeling that swept over me today morning as I woke up. But some "curry"(we never call Indian food curry in India) and a few cups of coffee later, i was ready to go. The first event was a summit dialogue where we had a 2 hour long interaction with Mr. Bilahari Kausikan, the Ambassador at large for Singapore. Mr.Kausikan, a very qualified man, started off by giving us his insights on world co-operation to solve major issues like economic development, climate change etc and then opened the floor to questions. Mr.Kausikan’s views seemed pessimistic and depressing to many but it was a hard, cold truth that each and every one of us had to face. The inference I drew from this discussion was that the present system of politics was ineffective albeit necessary to maintain stability in this world. Next, we made our way to the Supreme Court of Singapore near the Marina Bay. It was quite a magnificent building and this week is supposed to be Heritage Week and hence the courtrooms were empty and we got a good view of the insides of the courtroom. Also, we learnt about the history of Singapore(especially when it was ruled by the British and Japanese) and it’s Judicial System. The visit was quite exciting, especially for a couple of my friends who wanted to become lawyers. After the Supreme Court visit, we were going to meet the president of Singapore, Mr. Tony Tan. Dressed smartly in our formal attire, we made our way to the Istana(literally The Palace in Malay). From the outside, the Istana was quite forested and green, but inside it was a beautifully preserved piece of Colonial architecture. We met the president, a soft spoken person, who inquired about our experience at the summit, the city and the interaction with Mr. Kausikan. Here I am now, ending the day as it started – Tired, finishing this journal entry hoping that I can go to sleep soon…….


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