Journaling Tuesday (Harrow School – Israni, Koshikov, Akhtar.)

Day 2

Summit Dialogue:

The lecture from Mr. Kausikan seemed to be rather at odds with the theme of the summit, global inclusion and shared responsibility, as he labelled the quotation from Cesar Chavez as noble but impractical. However, through his many years of experience in the foreign office he was able to talk effectively and insightfully about the communication between different countries, both developed and developing. He was also a clear pragmatist, often saying that one should deal with the world as it is, not as one hopes it should be. However, he did hold out some hope for the idealists, saying that without them we are nothing. We found the deliberate baiting of the American delegates particularly amusing as he tried to make the point that Americans really do live up to their stereotype when it comes to foreign policy.

Supreme Court:

Upon passing through the brilliant columns of the Supreme Court, designed by our very own Brit Lord Norman Foster. We gained a valuable insight into the Judiciary System of Singapore. We were given the chance to visit a courtroom and also to enjoy a panoramic view of Singapore. We found out that the Judiciary System of Singapore was based upon the Indian system which itself originated from the British system however one major difference is the fact that in 1970 Singapore has abolished the Jury System.


The climax of the day was when we stepped off the bus onto the marble steps of the Istana for tea with His Excellency President Tony Tan. The President asked the UK delegates about the arrival of our future King and our suggestions for a name. He also compared Singapore’s multicultural society to that of Britain’s and he made the point that immigration was a necessary and important phenomenon for the development of both countries.


Armaan, Yusuf and Nikolay

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