journaling, day 3

Summit dialogue #1 (Mr Bilahari): Mr Bilahari was a very controversial speaker, who forced us to reconsider our views on an idealistic world, and the means of achieving global cooperation. The question and answer session especially enlightened us on his personal experience, and his responses gave us an insight to the complexity of international diplomacy and politics. We also learnt about the political situations of South-East Asia. All in all, a very interesting experience.

supreme court: The day started with an insight to the judicial system of Singapore. Our tour guide was very good at explaining the differences between Singaporean law enforcement opposed to other countries. The exhibition in the hall was very useful in explaining the legacy of the British involvement in the Singaporean legal system. For example, the death penalty is still valid in Singapore, while it has been abolished in both Australia and France. Furthermore, only serious cases (crimes which held a minimum 10 year jail sentence) were held in the high court. We also learnt that the only way to appeal against a decision was to go through the court of appeal. This further enlightened us to the differences between Singapore and our own countries.
Istana: meeting his excellency Mr. Tony Tan was a very special experience. The food was among the best so far on the trip, and the toilet was B-E-A-utiful. More seriously, talking to the president himself was something we’ll never forget. The solemnity of the reception hall, with all the delegations in alphabetical order and in their best clothes, was a powerful symbol for global inclusion.


Gabriel (France) and Elliot (Australia)

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