Journal Entry (Day 2)

During the summit dialogue today, I had quite of a cultural shock listening to the speaker Mr Bilahari Kausikan, who was an experienced and acclaimed diplomat. For the first time, I could actually follow such a non-politically correct dialogue. Usually dialogues such as this with people from all over the world would tend to be very polite and tactful and not controversial, but through the answers of the speaker’s questions I could tell that he was not being politically correct, but being realistic and trying to ensure that we learn to be realistic too. Many people can identify the problem that leads to social issues, but identifying the problem is not equal to finding ways to solve the problem and so from now until the time that the solutions can be found, we have to face the hard truth that though the world can try to be equal, there will be people who are more equal than others and some countries and certain groups of people will probably always have to live in poverty or have untrue and unfair stereotypes, simply because of how politics and the way the world develops. Through this I also learnt to be tactful, realistic and open to mistakes (humble).

I have never been in an actual court room before and I was very fascinated when I first went into the court room. I did not know our Supreme Court was so modern and technologically advanced. Through this I also found out more about the judiciary system in other countries as well as my own.

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