23/7/2013 Today is a very exciting day as it is a precious chance for us to visit Singapore’s president.
In the morning after breakfast,we attended the Summit Dialogue.The guest of honor first said some opening remarks.Then we delegates asked questions about nations’ relationship and so on.The delegates’ questions are various and creative and the guest’s answers are concrete and profound.I have learned a lot about them.The thoughts widened my horizon and therefore I think the program is very meaningful.
Afterwards,we visited the Supreme Court. The entrance check is very strict.We saw the empty court and learned many things about Singapore’s legal system.The guide said that we the public can see the event which happens in the court at any time.However, courts in many countries are not open to the public.In my opinion,Singapore is a very fair and democratic country.Along the road,the scenery is very beautiful.I love this country!
In the afternoon,we visited the president.We stood in two lines to welcome the president.Then he talked to each school one by one by asking several questions.I felt very happy and excited to chat with the president.However,he is very friendly and I felt very comfortable to have a talk with him.After taking photos with us,he went back in his car.I will never forget this exciting and unforgettable moment!
It’s a good day!I believe tomorrow is a better day!
written by Wang Ziwei


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