I Hate Language Barriers

Its Day 2 of the Summit, and just like yesterday, its been jam-packed with activities. Today, we attended the first Summit Dialogue. Our speaker, Mr Bilahari Kausikan, the Ambassador-at-large, was very blunt. I liked though that he kept his views and all his answers to the questions thrown at him matched. In over ten years of being a student, I would say that the dialogue we had participated in today was one of the best and would be one of the most memorable.

The Supreme Court Tour was the second activity in line for all of us delegates. Like every other building here in Singapore, the Supreme Court was grand. It actually looked more like a mall to me than a government building.

I think its pretty obvious that all of us delegates were excited to meet the President of Singapore. Entering the Istana and having tea inside made me feel so special.. so legit. The bus ride on the way back was the highlight of my day. I had no idea what the Indonesian and Malaysian delegates were saying about us. But hey, we all know that it was all in the name of fun so I laughed it though. Thus, title of this journal entry.

The day isn’t over though. We’ve still got the Student Dialogue to do. Poverty. Ohno.. that’s pretty complicated. Wish us luck !!

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