Day Two

Hello, today started relatively well in our opinion. We had a dialogue with Mr Bilahari Kausikan and though some of what he said was a bit unconventional, it provoked our thinking and made us probe deeper into what our own stands of the issues raised were. Also, we learnt that it was okay to agree to disagree, instead of forcing our opinions onto others.

After that, we had a tour of the Supreme Court of Singapore. It was the first time the both of us went in (though we are both Singaporeans heh…) and it was really grand. We both learnt a lot about Singapore’s judiciary system. It was an insightful tour, and it ended nicely with a view from the top of the building.

In the afternoon, we had tea with the president, His Excellency Mr Tony Tan. We got a taste of proper decorum and ways to conduct ourselves in front of a VVVVVIP 😛 It was a new and valuable experience for both of us as we had never had such an opportunity before.

All in all, today was a good day 😀

Erin and Yee Neng

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