Day 2: Politics Overload

Today, we had three major activities: Summit Dialogue #1, the Supreme Court visit, and the Istana visit.

The first event was a dialogue with Mr. Kausikan, the Ambassador-at-Large of Singapore. Delegates were given the opportunity to ask him thought-provoking questions, and he gave his insights, which were really really REALLY frank and straight to the point. The answers he gave weren’t the ones I expected, but the more I think about it, the truer they are. His main claim to things were related to its practicality and the reality of life. He did not beat around the bush or try to give anyone special treatment. He spoke his mind and kept it real.

The Supreme Court was an amazing place – it actually resembles the high-end malls of the Philippines, so I was extremely surprised when we stepped through the glass doors. Here, I learned about the judiciary system of Singapore, and I also had the chance to see the great CBD skyline! 🙂

Our last major stop for the day was the Istana. My God, I felt as if I were transported to the lands of fictional Genovia (or maybe even the real Buckingham Palace haha).. my dreams of being a princess came true! It felt so surreal to meet the President of Singapore, and even more, when we had the chance to talk to him up close and personal. Note: I’ve never even met the President of the Philippines!!

It was a great experience learning about the political system of Singapore, especially since they’re such a prosperous country. Hopefully, I will be able to apply the things I learned earlier for the betterment of my homeland! (Hahaha i wish).

Anyway, I have a student dialogue to worry about. The Philippines is first up and I am SCAAAAAREEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to us!

♥ Crissy from the Philippines

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