Day 2 from Hydropen Sun

2013/07/23 – Day 2

First time of journaling at APYLS.

I have never been to Singapore before. This time I finally have a chance to get a somewhat real taste of Singapore. No, not only Singapore, but also countries all over the world.

For the first two days, we have taken part in a variety of activities, like morning assembly, opening ceremony, school tour, cultural exhibition, heritage tour, cultural performance prep, summit dialogue I, meeting the president and so on. Our schedule is really tight, but it does give us opportunities to try and learn more.

Besides the events, it is the diversity of people that makes the summit more colorful. At first I was a little bit nervous when realizing that we would have roommates from different countries. However, when I met them for the first time yesterday morning (cuz our flight was delayed and arrived over midnight…), I know it’s hard to find people nicer than my roommates: Lingyun, Laura and Yuki. Actually, all the delegates are really nice. We do experience language barrier sometimes, but it is not big matter. As the theme song of the summit, we will be true friends here.

Looking forward to WHAT’S NEXT.

Thanks to the summit and best wishes for all the delegates. J

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