Day 2


Today we had a later start so I got to sleep for longer, hooray! I’m still trying to get used to having lunch for breakfast, like lunch type food, so today it was hot dogs – I’m really missing cereal and proper English tea with milk but trying all the different foods is certainly interesting. After that we had the summit introduction which sparked some debate among the delegates and the speaker, I’m not very political so it was informative to say the least, it was very hard to keep up with everyone but I did my best – everyone seems to know so much! Props to the delegates that went up and asked questions you were very brave, maybe I’ll pluck up the courage in the student dialogues! After that we went straight off to the supreme court, we had a tour of that and the view at the top was incredible plus we got to participate in a “mock trial” involving the murder of ‘grandma’ by Hansel and Gretel 😉 It was really interesting to see the differences between the English and Singaporean judiciary system and read some past cases in the exhibition. We came back from that and had lunch then got changed into our formal wear in order to go and meet the president, while waiting for the bus I was taking lots of pictures and Mine came over and asked me if I was a model which was so sweet; so thank you Mine, you’re the cutest if you’re reading this ❤ We got on the bus and everyone was singing, it’s amazing how close we’ve got in so few days! When we arrived we had to get off the bus for a security check and then back on to drive up. The Istana was incredible, the decoration reminded us English delegates a lot of back home with the chandeliers and draping curtains – it was a beautiful place and I feel honored to have been given the chance to go inside. Everyone had a chance to speak to him but he spoke so quietly we could barely hear him, even so he was a very lovely man and he asked us about the royal baby and how we were finding Singapore. We had a photo with him and then carried on with our lovely afternoon tea. Overall today has been a very interesting day in terms of learning about the views of other delegates and the contrasting cultures we have, meeting the president was a once in a life time opportunity and I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to do so – I’ve been having such a good time and I can’t wait for the days to come however I’m already dreading goodbye and it’s nowhere near yet! I think that’s everything….

Lots of love,
Charlie xxxx

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