Day 2

Day 2 started off on a rather interesting note when we attended our first student dialogue. The speaker who was engaging in a dialogue with us was a very experienced diplomat, and he raised up very controversial (yet logical) points about this world we live in. It was tough for me to accept, being quite idealist myself, but as the thoughts and his points sank in I started to realise how much sense he made. Many times we want to be idealistic, but we have to know that things hardly ever happen according to how we want it. And as much as it is good to stay idealistic, to give us a direction to work together as a world, the real world is the world we would inevitably have to face. The job of being a leader in this case is just to make sure that we work toward these ideals, and work towards a better world, while striking a good balance with handling immediate and real world problems by being realistic.

We then went to the supreme court. Although I am a Singaporean, it was my first time there and it was enlightening, knowing how the judiciary system really works, (as I never really understood it completely from textbooks). I found the topic on the jury system (or lack of one) particularly interesting, and knowing how it came about was interesting.

The Istana trip was a bit nerve wrecking I am not going to lie, but it all went alright. It was really nice that I finally got to enter the Istana, and meeting the president was really an honour. He mentioned that being with people from so many countries and so many schools is a very good opportunity to widen our perspective on many things, and I agree. Moving on to what I want to get out of this summit, I mean this is a superb bunch of people to be with, and I will grab this opportunity to make as many friends as I can. At the same time, I want to learn more about the different perspective of the people here, like what President Tony Tan has said.

Oh well today has been good to me and well hope the rest of the summit is this awesome.

I realised I am being too serious so here is a smiley face 🙂 sorry hahah

Alastair (Singapore)

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