Today was such a long day. Things that i thought that i would never experience happened today–meeting the president of Singapore and going to the supreme court. Seven in the morning we ate breakfast and prepared ourselves for the visit to the supreme court. We divided into three groups and got on the bus. When we got to the supreme court, we were first of all, excited for the great AC. It was our first time to visit real supreme court for most of us. Before arriving at the actual supreme court, we did not expect the building to be that beautiful. It was transparent, so we were able to see the beautiful sight including marina bay. We actually went into the supreme court room and learned how the trial happens in the room. It was interesting to know that there’s no jury in Singapore.

After visiting the supreme court, we came back to our dorm to change in formal clothes. After changing, we got on the bus again to see the president of Singapore. When we arrived at Istana, we were astonished with its beautiful garden and the spring in front of the building. We went into the building and enjoyed some drinks and snacks. Most importantly, we met the president and had a short conversation.

The experience I had today was greatly valuable, it was fantastic 🙂 !

So Jin Oh, Hyo Jae Shin, Seung Hyo Ki (South Korea Delegates)

<img src="; alt="sojin2006


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