Big and Small

Time is running out, and hunger calls, so let me keep my report brief. My friend is in his formal attire, though he’s taken off his jacket – he still calls it a suit – because he says it’s so hot, and I don’t blame him. The past two days have been nothing short of overwhelming for him who has never been beyond his homeland before. He repeatedly mentions the words “new”, “exciting”, and “definitely” over the course of our conversation; his eyes are darting from one end of the room to the other and his feet are tapping the floor over and over – he must still be in an adrenaline rush, but he keeps saying he’s exhausted. As expected, the good lad talks about the Leadership Summit and his experiences in Singapore – the people he’s met, the places he’s been too, and even the food he’s eaten. I won’t go much into detail because you can listen to the recording attached to this e-mail. What is important for you to know urgently are the lessons he’s learned. My good friend realized the world is both big and small. Big, because there is so much to learn about how the world works and he has only touched the surface of it all, and small, because we are all members of one family whose connections transcend blood, religion, and loyalties. He also realized that as much as the summit he’s attending hopes for global cooperation and a change in the paradigm shift in the conflicting world views, the problems we experience will have to be solved one step at a time and the ideals we believe in are not necessarily the realities we will achieve. Nevertheless, it is important, he says, for us to stand up, walk beyond our comfort zone, and do something. So far, I believe, he is on the right track. Monitoring will be continued; I hope the same is being done for the rest. The youth have so much potential – if only this potential can be directed towards the right path, then we will have begun the change we have hoped for so long. I have to go now; someone is knocking on the door behind me.

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