Being Realistic, Trying Out Singaporean Jail, and Fancy Royal Restrooms

Early in the morning we grabbed some breakfast and headed straight to the Drama Room to listen to a Summit Dialogue. It was by Mr. Bilahari (if we’re not mistaken), the Ambassador-at-Large of Foreign Affairs. It was really interesting and he sparked a dialogue. He was basically talking from a political perspective and said that we must be realistic. But for us, we think that there is still room for change and we are not just constraint by the political process. It’s not easy to make change but we think that we should keep trying to pursue progress, however naive it might seem to the political process.

After that, we went to the Supreme Court. It was much different from the Supreme Court in our country. It is much more modern and high-tech. We learnt about the law in Singapore and what courtrooms look like.

We had an hour to clean up and we went to Istana to meet the President of Singapore! It was really exciting to meet such an influential person. We had a couple of minutes to chat with him. He was really calm, wise-looking, and friendly. The Istana was beautiful and grand and the food was amazeballs! OMG. We even visited the Royal Restroom! It was a wonderful experience 😛

Best. Toilet. Evaa.

by Pritta Wibisono, Karina Sarah, Gita Septiani, Yonathan Hartojo

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