APYLS – Day 2

Now, for the second day of the summit, it has been an interesting yet tiring curriculum for us. Firstly, the first summit dialogue has been an overwhelming experience for me, it has been direct and humorous, making the atmosphere a lively one. Many insights have been shared to us, although controversy still remains in the the different viewpoints to the issues raised during the dialogue. Also, it’s good to see so many delegates actively participating in the dialogue and sharing their views, effectively raising their points for Mr Bilahari Kausikan, the ambassador to answer. Such experience would be very valuable for me, of course, this applies to everyone else participating in the dialogue too, to be able to observe the proceedings of such dialogues and possibly participate more actively in the coming one too. As, a Singaporean delegate, it’s also beneficial for me to get to know our own Singaporean ambassador, widening my horizon.
More importantly, today was the day we got to meet the President at the Istana! Even as a Singaporean myself, I seldom have the chance to see him out in public, less so interact with him face to face! Although it was a very short session, I really felt honoured to have the privilege to stand next to the his Excellency, Mr Tony Tan, and have a chat with him. We found out that he can be soft-spoken sometimes (all the other delegates would agree too), but he remains a deeply respectable person to all and I have really enjoyed the small session. At the remaining period time, we took the chance to have a closer look at the Istana. It was an eye-opening experience for me, with its massive, colossal structure from the outside, and the glamorous display of chandeliers and marble floors in the interior of the grand building. Even the restroom was nicely designed!
After the photo shoot, I thought back and really felt that I should cherish this one of a lifetime experience, I was really lucky to have it!

Signing off,
Kai Zhe.

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