All That Really Matters!

It’s difficult to believe that in two days we’ve had experiences that we could never even have dreamed of before! Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity, what with the city tour, the grand opening ceremony and the cultural exhibition that was an amalgamation of food,attire, practices and FUN from all parts of the world!

The visit to the Supreme Court was an extremely enlightening experience and frankly, quite interesting for it brought out the inherent differences between the justice system of our country and that of Singapore. It was amazing to see the level of technology and more than that the transparency in the system. There were intricacies in the very structure of the court and it was evident that thought had gone into everything from A to Z. Tea with the President was a unique experience and it just added to a day of unprecedented events….where else would about 80 of us from all over the world, with different ideas and thoughts ever get to experience something rare like this together?! The differences in our thoughts were evident in the summit dialogue by Mr. Kausikan today as well..yes, he was straightforward and yes, he negated a lot of what we said, yet, it was refreshing to be able to speak so openly to someone at such a high position.

Most of all, we feel, that as each day passes (and it’s only the second day) we move one step forward and make one new friend…it’s slow but we are getting there and that’s all that matters!

– Sanskriti, Aastha 🙂
(India- Vasant Valley School)

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