A Day in The Courthouse and Fasting at the Tea Reception.

For today, we really enjoyed out trip to the Supreme Court.We really get to know what is like to be in court and we also get to know about some of the laws of The Republic Of Singapore.One of our group members has a relative who studies Law at The University of Oxford many years ago.So,he really does get to know a little bit about what his relative does and studies.
Next,we went to a tea reception at The Istana.We did not really get to enjoy the food and drinks as we are now fasting in the month of Ramadhan.At the tea reception,we also had a little chat with The President of The Republic of Singapore.We asked some questions relating to the education system here in Singapore.The President definitely gave us a wonderful respond.

All in all,we had great fun and we also get along really well with the other delegates especially those from Indonesia and Philippines.As a conclusion,an awesome day thoroughly but the the downside part of it is that we do not get the chance to taste the food of the tea reception back at The Istana.

Noor Aqmar Syaqir Bin Noor Azman,
Alif Adlie Bin Azhar,
Muhammad Azlan Bin Hassan,
Delegates from The Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

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