Yesterday we arrived, we both had very long flights so we were very tired but because of the time differences it was only just 6 am which meant that we had a full day of sightseeing ahead with no sleep! 😦 We went shopping (we being the english delegates from newstead wood and the australian delegates) and ate then caught a taxi back because it was too hot and we were tired. To stay awake we went swimming which was reaaaaallllyyyy nice, the water was so refreshing, and we got to know each other better. We also met some of our room mates when getting changed, it’s been really lovely to get to know so many new people from different cultures and we look forward to the week ahead where we get to know them even better. By the evening we were shattered but mass interaction woke us up with fun games such as whacko, running man and splat – I have to say remembering people’s names was very difficult but I WON!!! (charlie, elliot lost mwahahaha.) Today we woke up SUPER EARLY and so we were EVEN MORE TIRED! But we soldiered on and had a great time meeting Ms. Grace Fu and hearing the band play at the opening ceremony, they were very good, and so were the drummers 🙂 We went on a tour of the school and the school history was very interesting, but the school was massive and we very nearly got lost. It was sooooooooooooooooooo hot so we weren’t relieved when we had to stay in our formal wear even longer for the cultural exhibitions, however going round all the stalls (and getting free stuff!!!) distracted us, seeing all the different cultures was such a unique experience, we got to try food from all over the world in one room 🙂 Finally we were allowed to get changed, HOORAY, and then we went on a tour of the city, the tour guide was really funny and the bus was air conditioned so this was also good 🙂 Looking at all the landmarks around the city was really exciting especially the buddhist temple where they were engaging in worship really fast, plus the building was really ornate so it looked pretty. Then we got back on the bus and Kenta was lost so they had to go and find him, they did in the end 🙂 This brings us up to now where we are writing this journal entry, still tired 😉 We look forward to the week and a bit ahead and hope we get more sleep please!

Lots of love,
Elliot and Charlie

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