Alexander – At Scarsdale, we only said the pledge of allegiance in elementary school and by middle school, we only sang the national anthem during school assemblies. It was interesting to hear about the experience of going through such a relatively elaborate ritual every morning. Chris, Laura and I were discussing how it would be like to sing the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance every morning. We decided that we would be pretty annoyed to have to wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning. We asked the Hwa Chong students behind us what they thought, and they said that they were definitely annoyed. What do you know, Singapore kids are just like American kids.

Ariel- After the flag raising ceremony, we took a tour of the school. Their school is absolutely amazing. They have trophies from a lego building competition! After that, we all set up our cultural booths to showcase American culture. Chris talked about guns a lot (which was totally offscript) and I got a koala with a hat and vest. I named him Steve Irwin. Then we took a tour of the city. I was in the green group, and we had a tour guide who talked A LOT (and thought he was hilarious, but he wasn’t). Then we lost a student in Little India, and sat on the bus for about 30 minutes while we tried to find him. Since we woke up super early this morning, we’re all ridiculously tired and loopy, and nothing that we say makes any sense. We went to a Buddhist temple, and a mosque. They were gorgeous, and the streets smelled amazing. Now, we’re about to go to dinner and plan out our cultural performance. I made friends (Al is telling me that I have no friends. Liar). Can’t wait to meet the president tomorrow!

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