The Beginning: 1 of 9

The summit kicked off proper this morning; so far so good. The sun is still pounding down and the 80%+ humidity hasn’t changed either but overall we’re finding our time in Singapore quite enjoyable. After the opening ceremony (which was strikingly structured and militaristic) in front of the entire ginormous school and a chat with Minister Grace Fu, we had our first official activity on the agenda: the cultural exhibition. I thought it was overall a very worthwhile exercise and it was fascinating to get to know everybody better. Hearing what it’s like in different people’s homelands was definitely a unique affair only had from summits such as this. In the afternoon we took a heritage tour around much of the city. Singapore, upon traversing various diverse locations, proved to be rather multicultural, not unlike Australia. We heard about the building of the nation and its incessant ethnic tolerance, in addition to seeing very polar cultures coexisting. All in all it’s been a good start and the outlook is bright.

Andy Wang

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