Mother country and colony reunited!

Journaling, take 1.5… 4… 3… 2… 1….Hello, this is Laura and Martha. We are from the US and UK, respectively.

We say tomato differently. We learned this today, over lunch. It led to a small argument, but was peacefully resolved. If only the world could get along like we do.

Our first day of real APYLS activities kicked off with a grueling 5:30 am start, but it was worth it to see the flag-raising and be introduced to thousands of Hwa Chong students. The Cultural Exhibition which followed was a patriotic extravaganza: food pressed on us from all corners, the British royal family wandered around and, by the end of it, not a single arm was without an Australian flag tattoo (thankfully temporary).

The day didn’t end there! After lunch, we changed into matching blue polos and took a bus around to different parts of the city. We visited a Buddhist temple in Chinatown, a mosque in the Malay and Muslim community, and tasted donuts in little India.

We were very tired by the end of the tour, but we made sure to bond in moments of delirium. There’s nothing like making a new friend as they pass out on your shoulder! Hopefully not the one the bird pooped on.

And now, a poem;

A lion-fish, what?
Food stalls, where?
Stamford Raffles, who?
Singlish everywhere…
The flowers are singing to my dreams.

We hope you enjoyed our beautifully crafted poetic work. Perhaps another will appear next time 😉

Until then,
Laura and Martha

P.S. A certain princess is in labour (labor)!

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