Looking forward…

As a Singaporean student, a great part of this programme was being able to meet the world without having to step out of my country. It will indeed be a unique chance to know all about my fellow global citizens; not just our cultural differences but also points of similarity, which would then truly allow us to achieve the theme of the Summit: Global Inclusion, Shared Responsibility. I hope that through this summit, I’ll gain a global perspective on issues that are pertinent to us all – not just my limited Singaporean understanding of these problems. Perhaps, we’ll even be able to find effective solutions in the experiences of others!

Besides that, a more personal goal I have is to better understand my own culture. Singapore is a really young country, turning 48 in just over a fortnight. This means that even as someone who has lived 16 years here, I’m not exactly sure what constitutes Singaporean culture! The Cultural Exhibition was a good platform for this to take place, where by learning about the many cultures of the people around me let me see what was unique to us. I hope that over the course of the summit, I’ll gradually be able to achieve this.

Today was a tiring day, so here’s wishing all delegates a good night’s rest. There’s still a long way to go (and that’s a good thing!)

– Joshua

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