Journal Entry One-Jack Cody

This is the first time I’ve traveled without my family, so at first I was afraid I’d be constantly homesick, but it’s been great so far. Every single person here is nice and extremely interested in what you have to say. I thought it was awesome how pretty much everyone, including delegates from Oman, India, and Malaysia, were big fans of American television and movies. My roommate Max, from Malaysia, have very similar tastes in movies, and it was great to have so much in common with him and everyone else at the summit. I’ve also never shared a room with someone before, so it’s definitely a useful experience to help prepare for university. Now for the activities we’ve done, I liked going to the mall the first day, and having sushi with Cheryl, Warren, and Chris. It was a blast, as we like to say. I also really like trying the different types of exotic drinks here, besides the Durian drink. That was sadly horrible. As for the second day, the gardens were an incredible sight. We went up to the bridges connecting the humongously gigantic trees, traversing through the perilous paths. We even saw a huge baby sculpture. A purely white baby in a painful pose, that we unfortunately only saw from a distance. And then there’s today, the third day. It was a challenge waking up at 5:15, but I found Ms. Grace Fu’s presentation very interesting, along with the video showcasing last year’s HCAPYLS.I was also amazed by how huge the school is, and the fact that it has it’s own museum. My school has nothing close to that besides an ugly sculpture of the founder’s head. Of course, it was a magnificent, wonderful, swell, and groovy experience touring Singapore, and also learning about Singapore’s culture, religion, and food from the impossibly knowledgeable tour guide. He knew everything and was able to make learning about Singapore quite captivating.
I do have two complaints though. First, I have trouble standing for such a long time, as the 20 hour flight has made my legs and back prone to pain. Therefore, I would like to sit down more. Second, I find it troubling that Singaporeans actually enjoy durians, as I nearly threw up upon trying a durian drink.

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