Journal (Day 1)

When I first arrived at the Hwa Chong Institution Boarding School, I hoped that everyone would not be awkward with each other and every conversation would not end very quickly and the people here would be friendly. Thankfully, the delegates that I met along the corridor and at the dinner table were very friendly and welcoming of all the other delegates. Meeting so many delegates from so many different countries is a very new experience to me and I am glad that I have come here and is able to meet all of these people. They carry themselves very well too; for dinner Mangosteens were served, and although it does not look very appetizing, many foreign delegates tried it, so as to show respect for the hosts and to be a good ambassador for their country and school. I could definitely learn a lot from the positive attitude and respect that the other delegates have. (:

At the Cultural Exhibition, I found out a lot about the different cultures and countries. More importantly, I got to know more about the people here. I had met many seniors who had gone for previous years’ APYLS and all of them advised me to cherish the experience and make new friends. This would definitely not be a problem, even for introverted and soft spoken me! Working and interacting with so many people who are so eager to know more about me and of each other has taught me various conversation starters and “conversation sustain-ers”, so that I can know more about the other delegates and start building lasting friendships!

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