It’s Day 1, People!

There was marching band in the opening ceremony.

Their performance was stunning!

We also listened to Ms. Grace Fu’s speech,

I was so inspired.

Her speech made us aware of both positive and negative sides of globalization.

Cultural exhibition was very interesting.

It made us learn about other countries’ cultures.

We took pictures with the other delegates.

We wore traditional clothes from our countries.

And we ate traditional food from other delegates’ countries.

They were so yummy!

We visited three places during our city tour; China Town, Kampong Glam, and Little India.

We saw temple, mosque, and stalls selling various goods.

Those places showed us that Singapore has a diverse culture.

Miori bought postcards at a stall at China Town.

Gita and Karina bought some food and drinks at one stall at Kampong Glam to break the fast later.

Below is the picture of the stall

Today’s city tour was very tiring.

But it was very exciting and fun.

We listened to the tour guide’s explanation.

Kenta lost his way but he was found.

So we feel relieved.

By: Murakami Miori (Japan) & Gita Septiani Ekaputri (Indonesia)


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