Day 1: Exploring the City

Never in my life have I explored the world in such a short amount of time.

Well, no not really, but today came quite close. Besides being with the delegates from all parts of the globe, I also got to travel to China (Chinatown), India (Little India), and the Middle East (the area with the biggest Mosque in Singapore – I forgot what it is called) through the city tour that took most of the afternoon.

Our first stop was Chinatown and we entered the Buddhist temple there. The moment I stepped in to the ornate building, my breath was taken away. The sight of Chinese ladies bowing down to the statues, the scent of those fragrant sticks burning (again, I don’t know what it’s called), the beautiful red, yellow, and green decorations, and the group of people chanting out loud simply amazed me.

Next, we headed to the area where the biggest Mosque is. As we alighted the bus, it seemed as if I was transported to the Disney film, Aladdin. I learned much about the Muslim faith,and I even got to try some delicious Halal food!

Our last stop for the city tour was Little India. Here, we got to view the Hindu temple and I learned about their multiple gods, especially the interesting stories of Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. We also got to sample some Indian delicacies in the market place, and I got to try the Indian version of the doughnut.

In summary, I AM EXHAUSTED FROM GOING TO ALL THESE PLACES (haha), but I feel extremely glad that I have had this opportunity anyway. 🙂

Maria Crispina B. Buensuceso

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