day 0/1

I have been in the Singapore and I already ran into many kinds of experiences that I had never experienced before. Personally, what I remember most is what just happened to me, I got lost! Technically, the group left without me. Saying that would sound like it was their fault but it was completely mine, I didn’t make it to the place I had to be at. After the group left without me and I had no idea where they had gone, I found a public phone and because fortunately I had a change with me, I could call the HCI. And 15 minutes after my call, facils came to pick me up. I felt such a relief when I saw them. I was very sorry to everyone in the bus because I made them wait for such a long time, but they gave me a warm welcome. I think I will remember this incident as one of the big memory of APYLS and probably remember it for the rest of my life.

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