Cultural Learning

Since day 1, we became inspired by the acceptance we felt as foreigners in your country. With the opening ceremony this morning, even through the heat, we felt welcomed and at home in the huge community that is Hwa Chong. When we each went up in front of the school’s population we felt a huge rush of support and encouragement from the students here, and even more so when we gave our cultural exhibition. Sure, we all enjoyed the presentations of our fellows APYLers, but it was the enthusiasm and interest of the students of Hwa Chong that truly inspired our exhibits. We could tell that the young scholars around us honestly wanted to learn about the different ethnicities and cultures we were able to present, a fact supported through the diversity we were taught about on our tour, later in the day. Throughout the bus tour, we not only learned of the history of Singapore, but also about its many peoples and their cultural and religious values. We found that we were not only being taught about this fine lion nation, but all the individuals that compose it. Through Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims, we saw the viewpoints that define the uniquely Singaporean culture. A mixing of ideas was ever present, as we saw Chinese shop venders in little India, samosas being sold outside of a mosque, or an international group of youngsters wandering through a Buddhist Temple, a multicultural society surrounded us.

We can’t wait to learn more!

Chris, Taco, and Armaan

Bravo à Keito, notre petit vagabond solitaire !

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