It has been a fruitful day for me, going through the cultural exhibition and city/cultural tour back to back. I was firstly fascinated by all the eye-catching displays put up by delegates from the various countries during the cultural exhibition. Every booth effectively brought out every country’s own really interesting and fascinating culture, inculcated with fun facts and various food and objects which held high significance representing their countries. It was a fun and yet enriching time for me, obtaining many gifts and souvenirs along the way, also interacting with one another, enjoying the food and activities too. Also, I had a rare chance to meet my senior who has been studying in Hwa Chong which was a really unexpected and happy reunion for me, although it was short. Coming to Hwa Chong has been a real eye-opener for me, exploring the massive school compound and interacting with a minister of Singapore, Miss Grace Fu and the students too. Throughout the city tour, I have been exposed to much new knowledge about Singapore’s traditional culture, gaining new insights despite visiting the places I had visited so many times before, despite living in Singapore for 16 years already. It has been overall a really enjoyable and enriching experience for me in this first day, making many new friends while reuniting with old ones, and I will definitely look forward to the rest of the summit!

Signing off,
Kai Zhe(Panda).

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