1st Journal

On the first evening of our stay, we got to play some ice-breakers with the other delegates. It was exciting and a lot of fun. There were a lot of silly games which made us a bit looser and made it easier for us all to bond.

Through the opening ceremony all countries and schools were introduced to the students and teachers of hwa chong. It was interesting to see the reactions of the Hwa Chong students, they were all very friendly and welcoming.

In the cultural exhibition, we got interested in other cultures.
The cultural exhibition was a great way to showcase our country’s distinct aspects including food, dress, flag, and other traditions as well as learn about that of the others. We got a lot of free stuff as well. It was perhaps the best activity till now.

The grounds of Hwa Chong Institution is very large. Too large, perhaps. It was a long, long walk from the boarding school to the Inner Plaza and back. Though, it didn’t stop us from having fun.

Right after we had our lunch, we headed straightaway to our buses to experience Singapore’s city tour. China Town was our first destination. We visited a Buddhist temple, in which a lot of people were reading Sutra.

Next, we visited a mosque, outside which there were rows of vendors selling little trinkets and souvenirs for tourists like ourselves. A lot of foods and drinks were also sold,even though it was in the middle of Ramadan.

This was followed by a visit to Little India. The diversity in food and jewellery left us quite stunned. We learned a lot about the Indian culture here in Singapore. We had a little walk around, and headed right back. But it turned out we couldn’t leave yet. A delegate went missing. The facilitators and delegates worked together to find Kenta, a Japanese student, which we eventually did. Relieved, we went straight back to Hwa Chong.

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