1st day at Hwa Chong

Today, activities kicked off as early as 7:00 am with the opening ceremony taking place at the school hall. All delegates from different countries were introduced to the students of Hwa Chong. Shortly after that, we were then given a short but informative briefing by Ms Grace Fu Hai Yen, Minister, Prime Ministers office, Second Minister for the environment and Water Resources and Second Minister for Foreign affairs. We then headed off for a tour around the huge school which is 72 hectares large. We got to know a lot about this school thanks to our facilitator who fed us with information non-stop. Next, it was time for our Cultural exhibition. We managed to see different cultures and gain information on various countries. It was then time to get back to wash up and have lunch but we were back on our feet again at 2 with a city tour. We visited 3 different places today that is China Town , Kampung Glam and Little India. We were able to see different type of surrounding and environment besides learning local cultures, visiting attraction sites and shopping at the stalls. We then returned back to Hwa Chong grounds at 6 p.m. What we learned from today was that there is a lot of things and places to explore in Singapore and we should always try to learn cultures and customs in different countries because it is very interesting and provides a vast amount of knowledge.

By, Azlan Hassan and Alif Adlie Azhar, The Malay College Kuala Kangsar

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